Earn Advertising Profits By Sponsoring Animated Cartoons

If you have an online publication, opt-in email newsletter, website or blog you can monetize them by publishing my animated cartoons. Here is how it can work.

I would provide you with a banner ad such as this.

Your reader would be directed to a page on my website where I host the video. The video would include either a preroll card or a postroll card with your customer's ad. When the video ends the page would automatically redirect to your advertiser's landing page. You charge whatever fee you normally charge your customer and you pay me a 10 percent commission on the advertising fee for the use of the animated cartoon.

Alternatively I could provide you with the html code so you can embed the video on your own website. I would still include your ad before or following the video. We could include a link in the ad which would take the viewer to your advertiser's landing page. Again your cost is only a 10 percent commission for the use of the cartoon.

Contact me to set up your video and ad. If you provide a phone number I can call you and we can do this over the phone.